About Lokalizo

Lokalizo is a digital platform which builds bridges of efficient communication between citizens, governments and other relevant stakeholders by offering a tech based tool to address environmental problems and which stimulates citizen engagement, increased accountability and transparency especially in local governance, and more proficient problem solving; contributing to a more sustainable livelihood and resilient communities in Kosovo.
Lokalizo is a user-friendly system that in a matter of minutes enables every citizen concerned of any issue he/she faces in their community to directly report it to the municipality officials, and other stakeholders who are competent about that issue. Users will be able to easily report problems on a wide range of areas and issues affecting their environment like: physical waste, infrastructural problems, construction risks, traffic hazards, disaster risk reduction, loss of wildlife, illegal logging, etc.

About Piks

Prosperity Initiative in Kosovo (PIKS) is a youth-led NGO founded on the 4th of December 2013. The mission of PIKS is to turn the Kosovar youth into agents of positive change and development in order to be active participants in processes that lead to the consolidation of Kosovo's statehood and its democratic institutions. Through its projects and activities PIKS works toward advocating for youth inclusion in decision making, encouraging social entrepreneurship to create jobs, enhancing education, providing sustainable solutions to environmental problems, stimulating a culture of volunteerism, promoting arts and culture, as well as, foster healthy interethnic relations among the youth in Kosovo.